Australia will ban smoking on apartment balconies


Australian authorities have for a long time the well-deserved reputation of the irreconcilable fighters against smoking and smokers. But smoking fans from Australian continent will soon feel what really are "draconian laws".

The authorities of the Queensland prepared a terrible surprise for all inhabitant smokers of this administrative territorial unit of Australia. It is expected that the state will soon introduce the new laws, according to which, smoking on the balconies of your own apartment will be strictly prohibited.

For their smoking hobbies smokers will have to retire in the depths of their homes, in this case, according to the bill, all the windows and vents should be carefully closed. It is clear that all these measures are aimed to getting rid of passive smoking for condominiums residents - the getting rid of inhaling someone's cigarette smoke.

The researchers found that from the balcony, tobacco smoke easily penetrates in several neighboring houses; particularly are affected the apartments from the top two floors from the smoker's balcony.

One of the variants of this law implies a ban on smoking in apartments. After the adoption of this law - to smoke a cigarette, the residents of building apartments each time will have to go out and smoke in a special designated smoking area, which of course, will be located away from entrances.

The premier of the Queensland state Campbell Newman, has publicly supported this initiative, saying that disaffected smokers will have an alternative to smoking in their own homes with closed doors and windows - a complete abandonment of a bad habit.

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